Features of Virtual Phone Systems That Expand Your Business


The sophisticated interface presented to the callers through the auto attendant system can give your small business a professional corporate image.Call routing is possible to mobile, residence or remote offices when you are away from the phone at your main office. Calls can be transferred to the right person, regardless of his present location.

The phone system, being the most important communication tool in a company, has to meet certain prescribed standards. It should be able to satisfy your business needs now and in the future. Affordable small business virtual phone systems are the ideal options for small business owners requiring high-end phone functionalities at less expense.

A virtual PBX system is implemented through a switching network or Internet protocol medium. The system operates from the service providers’ site itself, so the customers are not required to buy, install or maintain any equipment.

Since the virtual phone number is shared among numerous users, compared to the traditional PBX system its service cost is low. Moreover, a hosted VoIP system has all the features that the business telecommunication systems of large companies boast of.

The features of affordable small business virtual phone systems include but are not limited to:

• Auto Attendant

• Virtual receptionist

• Find me/follow me call forwarding

• Music on hold

• Voicemail

• Fax to emai

l • Caller ID

All the functionalities are delivered to the users through a Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet. The call capacity depends on the amount of bandwidth available. The auto attendant provides a menu of options to the callers such as dial by name, dial by extension, and more.

The clients of virtual phone systems are provided with web administration tools, which enable them to apply the settings according to their individual preferences.When opting for hosted PBX phone systems Feature Articles, you will not have to deal with the hassles involved in updating and repairing the system.

All the updating and maintenance work are performed by the service provider itself. You will not have to buy additional PBX equipments to add extra features as you expand your business. Virtual VoIP phone service is available at affordable monthly service charges. The small business owners have to pay only for the services availed of.


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