Honda CRV Hatchback First Drive Review


Honda CRV Overview

The Honda CR-V is all set to make a comeback into India and that, was one of the company’s big announcements at the 2018 Auto Expo. The promise of bringing 3 new cars this financial year was a point, that we’ve time and again brought to your notice. The new-gen Amaze is the most relevant in volumes terms and is already here. It’s quite the success for Honda too with more than 30,000 units sold ever since its launch. The CR-V will be next and the Civic will follow early next year. But let’s get down to business and talk about what the CR-V is all about.

Honda CRV Exteriors

The first thing one would notice about the design of the new CR-V is the fact that it isn’t a rugged-looking and boxy SUV. The CR-V instead is a sophisticated and elegant SUV that would suit an entry at a nice club or an evening party. There is nothing loud about the design and the angular and sleek front with sharp headlamps (with LED DRLs) and a long hood. The front face has got richness in its design and looks thoroughly upmarket. The wide chrome slat in the grille though is something that could have mixed reactions, Most Indians would like it but I would have preferred a little less of the shiny surface.Check for Honda CRV price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

The story of big and beautiful continues on the side with stunning 18-inch alloy wheels, which not only look great but fill up the flared wheel arches well, lending the SUV a dynamic look. The raked A-pillar along with a roofline that tapers towards the end gives the SUV a sleek profile. At the rear, tail lamps rise to roof where a wide spoiler has been neatly integrated. The rear bumper and tail gate too have subtle lines that match the overall character of the CR-V. In the end, people who love vehicles that are elegant and pleasant to look at and aren’t brash and intimidating will love the design of the new Honda CR-V and so will most onlookers.

Honda CRV Interiors

The new Honda CR-V has an impressive cabin to greet its occupants. The biggest update is the inclusion of a seven-seat layout, which can be opted for with a diesel version only. Petrol ones come with just five seats. The test vehicle we drove had a seven-seat layout and left us quite impressed. At the front, there’s a black dashboard with wood-finish inserts that give a nice subtle contrast to the dark theme. Material quality is nice throughout the cabin and the soft touch top dashboard adds to the premium quotient of the cabin.

The centre console houses an elegantly integrated colour touch screen that is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment system also supports navigation, USB and Aux-In connectivity. Apart from offering loads of storage spaces the centre console also has one HDMI output point, a 12 V socket and two USB charging slots. Interestingly, one of these USB slots offers 1.0 A of output while the other offers 1.5 A, which should help charge smartphones and tablets faster. Storage space inside door pockets is ample and easy to access, making the cabin convenient.

The second row of seats features a 60:40 split with the option of folding down completely to increase boot space. The seats can be pushed backwards and tilted too, thereby enhancing the comfort levels. Legroom is ample and the space under the front seats makes it possible to slide your feet under and relax with almost straight legs. Headroom also is good and taller occupants will find themselves to be comfortable even over long durations.

Getting to the third-row involves folding the second row of seats on either side and squeezing your way in. Once seated, it becomes clear that this seat is at best suitable for 30 – 45 minutes for an adult. Low seat height means your knees are pointing upwards, resulting in no thigh support. At 5 feet eight inches, my knees were already brushing against the seats in front and shoulder room and backrest angle was also just about ok. While you might think that these seats should be suitable for children, that shouldn’t be the case. Please do not have your children sitting in the last row of any vehicle as the risks of fatalities and severe injuries is much higher in the last row, especially in the case of being rear-ended. That said one of the most defining features of the CRV’s interiors is the grand panoramic sun-roof which not only adds to airy-ness of the cabin but also adds to the SUVs premium appeal.

Overall, the new Honda CR-V offers an excellent cabin with high-quality materials, a good set of features and impressive comfort. The inclusion of seven-seats now means that the demand of most consumers in this segment will be met, making a stronger case for sale.

Honda CRV Engine

That transformation is the addition of a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Finally, the CR-V gets a diesel engine and it’s been long overdue. It’s got an aluminium block and parts like the piston, connecting rods and crankshaft have been designed to be lighter and so there’s less friction. The main aspect though is that the engine is made in India and assembled at the company’s plant in Greater Noida. The engine gets a single turbo and churns out 118 bhp and 300 Nm of torque. The torque kicks in at around 2500 rpm and the engine has a good mid-range. Overtaking too is no problem because the 9 speed transmission makes sure that you have the power at your disposal and you enjoy your time behind the wheel.

It’s available with a 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive option but we drove the 2WD diesel. The 9 speed automatic can also be operated using paddle shifters and that’s a big boon. The paddle shifts respond well to your inputs and with the 9 different gear ratios, it gives you the flexibility to cruise as also to improve fuel economy. This one returns more than 19 kmpl according to ARAI. The 4WD version returns close to 18.3 kmpl and that too is great. There’s a slight delay when you press the accelerator and there’s a whizzing before the gears start to catch up. However, that delay can be measured in milliseconds and it’s not such a big deal.To know more importance on Honda CRV visit Bioinformatica

The gear selector of the all-new 9-speed automatic transmission is worth mentioning here. It’s not your regular gear stick. It’s actually, a push-button electronic gear selector. There are separate buttons to select drive, neutral and park. Reverse too can be engaged by pushing down another button. It’s very simple, not complicated at all and a welcome addition to the CR-V. There’s also a petrol variant on offer and that’s a 2 litre engine which produces 152 bhp and it’s available only with the two wheel drive system but the CVT makes for a smooth ride and the option is a welcome one for all those who still want a petrol CR-V. However, we didn’t get a chance to drive it extensively and that’s a review for another day.

Honda CRV Driving

But the biggest talking point of course has to be the ride quality, something that the CR-V has been known for. The new CR-V does not disappoint. It might have grown in proportions but it takes the undulations on the roads in its stride. The stiffer body structure also helps in bringing in a sense of surety in terms of driving dynamics. And so even on twisty roads it absolutely sticks to the tarmac offering better drivability. It’s not an off-roader though but it’ll do well on bad roads and make you feel comfortable. In fact, the ground clearance of the CR-V too has improved and it now stands at 208 mm.

Honda CRV Safety

The Honda CR-V 2018 packs a standard safety kit, which comprises six airbags, ABS, ISOFIX child seat mounts, vehicle stability assist, hill start assist, seatbelt pre-tensioners and a driver attention monitor. Tested by global safety body ASEAN NCAP, the new CR-V has been rewarded 5-star rating in the crash tests.

Honda CRV Cost in Hyderabad

Honda CRV On Road Price is 26,94,875/- and Ex-showroom Price is 22,72,898/- in Hyderabad. Honda CRV comes in 5 colours, namely Carnelian Red Pearl,White Orchid Pearl,Golden Brown Mettalic,Alabaster Silver Metallic,Urban Titanium Mettalic. Honda CRV comes with FWD with 1997 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 154 bhp@6500 rpm and Peak Torque 190 Nm@4300 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Honda CRV comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Honda CRV Conclusion

The new 2018 5th Generation Honda CR-V has finally been able to address two key issues that were hampering its appeal to consumers earlier. With seven-seats and a diesel engine, the CR-V offers a strong and competitive package to prospective SUV buyers. While some might argue that the CR-V doesn’t have an aggressive and intimidating design, the success of Hyundai Creta has already made it clear that smart and elegant SUVs too can sell well if the overall package is appealing. The CR-V scores well in the safety department too with six airbags, Hill Start Assist, Lane Watch (blind spot detection), Driver attention monitor and Agile Handle Assist.

The only missing piece in deciding whether the CR-V as a package is appealing to a buyer or not is the price, which hasn’t been revealed yet. The vehicle will be formally launched on 9th October, which is when the prices will be revealed. What we can confirm right now is that the Honda CR-V stands out from its competition in almost all areas and delivers well, especially in the cabin comfort area. It makes a great SUV for people who love to have refined and sophisticated vehicles with class. For people who aren’t hell bent on proving a point or shouting out to the world all the time, the Honda CR-V makes perfect sense. It can do most things better than its competitors but its character doesn’t scream of its capabilities.

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