Rolls Royce Ghost Review,Specifications,Features & Price In India


Every unit of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is handmade in Goodwood, England. Luxury and attention to detail is what the company is known for. Ghost Series II is a rejuvenated version of the previous one and is made for millionaires around the world. The car is an epitome of luxury inside out, and if you see one on the road, you will keep watching till it is out of sight. It got its name because it does not make any noise on the road; it travels like a “ghost” and shuts the world outside for the person sitting inside it.

Rolls-Royce looks to exploit the increasing wealth of Indians, and the increasing number of “Richie Rich” in wthe country makes it a lucrative market for the company. The company has been synonymous with luxury since 1904, and the previous version of this car was one of the favourites of Maharajas. “Silver Ghost” was produced from 1906 to 1925 and one of the original cars was insured for US $35 million in 2005, which is rough₹ 225crores. Intoday exchange rate. Currently owned by the German automotive giant BMW, Rolls-Royce offers five models in India including the 2010 Ghost. Phantom, Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe are the other models.


The modeling beauty of a company like this is destined to stand through time. This model is perhaps one of the most exquisitely structured machine to see our time. It has flawless metallic skin that is seamless and pure on every nerve. The entire body structure is wrapped under the classic 2:1 proportion of wheel to body height, bringing the most refined touch that only this company has preserved when crafting vehicles. The new design of the vehicle adds more focus and edginess to the build of the machine. The robust and hefty build of the vehicle gives it a flavor of dominance and power on the roads. It carries the classic, clean cut shape that vehicles of the last decade used to have, preserving the uniqueness of this company’s design and abandoning the new approach towards slender curves and stylized bodies. Its front portion is wide and imposing, meant to give it the toughest bearing on the road. On both sides, wide and rectangular shaped headlights rest over the bonnet. They are integrated with LED headlights, framed by daytime running lights. This imposing look is further sharpened with the well sculpted bumper. The chrome finish on the lower grille tops off the exquisite feel of the front portion. Accentuating the side profile of the car is a highly trimmed body shape, with well designed door lines and large, prominent fenders. It has 21 inch wheels available, intending to make its tough and bold statement to the streets, and to further enhance its side profile for the finest look possible. Five different wheel designs are available for the owner to choose from, each featuring a unique self – righting wheel center that is embedded with the company’s monogram. The spirit of ecstasy, the beautiful figurine propped at the front of the bonnet of the vehicle, has always been the signature of the company. Here in this brand new model, this exquisite sculpture has been raised in height to embolden her presence, and to add grace to the overall look of the car. The detailing surrounding the idol has also been re-defined and brought up on its artistry. A large, elegant wake is given to the bonnet for the maximum luxury to the idol and the car as well. Five layers of primer paint and high-gloss clear coat further hone the well toned physique of the vehicle. The finishing process is hand finished, ensuring that the best and brightest of human minds imbibe their artistic thought into bringing flawlessness in every angle of the vehicle’s overall appeal. The option between single or double coach line is also available for the best personalization by the owner.


The dark theme continues inside, where the Ghost Black Badge has received even more attention. What’s more, Rolls-Royce used this model to debut advanced materials and building techniques. First up is the aluminum-threaded carbon-fiber composite seen on the dashboard, center console, and door panels. To create this innovative material, threads of aircraft-grade aluminum only 0.014 mm in diameter are woven together before being bonded with carbon fiber. This surface material then has six coats of lacquer applied and is left to cure for 72 hours. Finally, it’s hand-polished to a mirror finish.Then there’s the Physical Vapour Deposition technology, which was used to darken the air vents on the dash and in the rear of car. This surfacing method is, according to Rolls-Royce, one of the few ways to color metal “whilst ensuring that the parts will neither discolor nor tarnish over time or through repeated use.” Now that’s what I call attention to detail.The iconic dashboard clock has been customized as well, receiving orange accents on its hands and “Unlimited” infinity logo, previously used in the Phantom Drophead Waterspeed, on its face. The same logo was embroidered on the upholstery. Speaking of which, the Ghost Black Badge features a two-tone, black and Tailored Purple that’s stunning to look at. And, I’m no fan of purple unless it’s a Plum Crazy/In Violet Mopar.Customers who would rather have lighter colors in their limo can go with just about any color they desire. Bespoke is willing to supply leather of any color for this model, despite the Black Badge name. It would be a shame not to keep the dark theme, but unlike the exterior, the interior could be specified in other colors as well without ruining the sober appearance.


While other luxury cars are available with various engine options including hybrids and diesels, the Ghost has but one: a whacking great 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged V12 petrol with 563bhp (or 603bhp for the Black Badge model). And setting aside concerns about the environment or fuel consumption for just a moment, it’s delightful.Even starting it is a pleasure, as it whirs over smoothly on the starter, before firing and settling into a perfectly steady idle. Select drive, using the steering-column-mounted gear selector, and in general driving it has what Roll-Royce used to describe coyly as ‘adequate’ power, meaning a solid wall off oomph to ease the car along without it feeling in the least bit strained.Don’t extrapolate from that a lack of out-and-out pace, though. Bury your foot deep into the lush pile of the lambswool rug, and that splendid lady perched on the grille tilts skywards as the bonnet rises with the force of acceleration. Or, more simply put: the Ghost takes off at a hell of a lick, as described by its 0-62mph of just 4.9sec.Only when you try to achieve that rampant acceleration and stretch the V12 past 4000rpm do you notice its muted growl. The rest of the time, including when you are sitting at a steady 70mph cruise on the motorway, it’s notable only by its absence of noise.The eight-speed automatic gearbox blurs the transition between one gear and the next, and will even use GPS to select the appropriate gear for approaching bends. Other than an occasional thud, should you catch it out on and off the throttle in stop-start traffic, it’s exemplary.


The 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost’s twin-turbo V12 is exceptionally smooth and silent. The gentle response from the first bit of throttle travel makes for smooth, lurch-free takeoffs, but lean into it and you unleash a smooth, powerful wave of acceleration that continues to swell effortlessly into triple-digit speeds. The eight-speed automatic transmission is spot-on as well, with its timely and barely detectable gearchanges.The active air suspension goes about its duties with similar transparency, smothering bumps and ruts that would have you grimacing for a harsh impact in lesser cars. Despite a curb weight of about 5,500 pounds, the Ghost feels smaller than it is, and the light and precise steering makes maneuvering the big car a breeze once you’ve acclimated to its dimensions.At speed on an open highway, the Ghost quietly and rapidly covers ground, with passengers feeling that perhaps they are ensconced in a private jet or luxury railway car. On a curving road, the Ghost will roll a bit at lower speeds, but as the pace quickens, the amount of available grip and incongruous agility is impressive. When pushed like this, the suspension firms up and road feel remains acceptable.


Advanced safety features in the Rolls-Royce Ghost consist of the Driver Assistance 3 package and include adaptive cruise control, night vision, heads-up display, high-beam assist, and a lane departure warning system. Active Cruise Control uses a radar guided system that maintains a selectable distance to the vehicle ahead. The night vision feature adds a front-mounted infrared camera that can detect pedestrians in dimly lit road conditions at distances over 300 yards. The Ghost’s camera system, which provides an almost 360-degree aerial view of the vehicle’s surroundings, and the front and rear parking sensors assist the driver maneuver this large sedan into tight areas.


In many ways, all Bespoke-made Rolls-Royce cars are impressive. Some feature outstanding paint jobs with details motifs, while other sport fancy interiors crafted in the finest materials available on the market. However, all but one Bespoke vehicle has had its engine output increased, and only by a measly eight horsepower. With the Ghost Black Edition, Rolls-Royce has finally operated a significant power bump on its V-12. For a company that only meddles with its powerplants once a decade, a 40-horsepower update is pretty big news. The fact that the Black Badge also comes with a blacked-out exterior finish makes this Ghost that much more spectacular and proves that Rolls-Royce wants to attract new customers into its showrooms.

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