Rolls Royce Wraith Hatchback First Drive Review

Rolls Royce Wraith Test Drive

Rolls Royce Wraith Overview

The 5,380-pound rear-drive Rolls-Royce Wraith coupe comes powered by a 624-hp, 590-lb-ft of torque 6.6-liter twin-turbo V-12 mated to an eight-speed automatic. All this power and weight gives this English super luxury car a poor EPA-rated fuel economy of 12/19 mpg city/highway. The Wraith Black Badge uses the same twin-turbo V-12 engine with the same horsepower rating but tuned to a more robust 642 lb-ft of torque. Rolls-Royce claims a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds for the Black Badge and 4.4 seconds for the traditional Wraith. Check for car loan interest rate.

For a substantial $24,850, you can have the Bespoke CC (Commissioned Collection) Interior + Exterior package that includes the Horizon Interior Environment (style of interior color layout), contrast stitching, seat piping, Rolls-Royce Monogram on all headrests, treadplates, the Polished Stainless Steel package, colored steering wheel, CC external paint, and coachline. The $29,900 Wraith package features Rolls-Royce Bespoke Audio, lambswool floor mats, fixed glass roof, full choice of wheels at no additional charge, and the Driver Assistance 3 package. The Wraith is one of the most customizable vehicles in the industry, for example, owners get a choice of four optional Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornaments: solid silver ($6,675), gold-plated ($10,300), up-lit ($4,152), and illuminated ($8,025). The $15,000 optional Starlight Headliner, a Rolls-Royce exclusive, can be personalized for an extra $8,950.

Rolls Royce Wraith Style

This eye catcher turns head whenever spotted running on roads, all thanks to the panache styling done by Rolls Royce. As the Rolls Royce Wraith pictures show, the unusually long coupe has an assertive front apron which goes unnoticed as you lay your eyes on it. The broad yet petite radiator grille features multiple chrome horizontal slats, outlined by a wide chrome band. Placed in the centre of the front grille, the Rolls Royce emblem looks royal. Slip down and the lower grille gets short chrome embellishments centred by a huge R just beneath the front grille.

The rectangular shaped head lights flank the chrome radiator grille, the long hood is marked by the strong character lines running towards the either sides of the grille. Fog lights are present only in the front bumper missing out on the rear end. Indicators are placed separately on the bumper in the front.Wing mirrors are affixed on driver and co-passenger side, emerging a tad far from the A pillar. Get to the side profile and you will notice the large wheels complimented well by the multiple spoke alloy wheels featuring the Rolls Royce mark and embossed wheel arches. Window frame is narrow and the chrome framing further accentuates the narrow styling.

The roof merges smoothly with the hood through the slanting rear wind screen. Boot is very short and features chrome outlined triangular shaped tail lights, body painted bumper is separated from the tail gate by a slanting plate. Front overhang is short while the rear overhang is longer and slightly elevated. The straight line starting from the side of the hood runs through the side profile until the tail lights defines the sharp exterior styling. Chrome door handles on the outside look plush and delicate at the same time. Frameless doors on either side of the coupe look classy and are large enough to allow easy entry inside the cabin.

Rolls Royce Wraith Space

The sporty feeling offered by the exterior is combined with a luxurious and elegant interior. In here, Rolls Royce engineers have combined the softest Phantom-grade leathers with a special wood called Canadel Panelling.For the first time in a model beyond the Phantom family, the new Wraith is offered with a feature called Starlight Headliner, meaning that a total of 1,340 fiber optic lamps are hand-woven into the roof lining to give the impression of a glittering, starry night sky.

The model is offered with numerous standard features that provide the driver with the best experience behind the wheel. First, there is the Satellite Aided Transmission – a system that uses GPS to anticipate driver’s next move based on location and current driving style and then selects the most appropriate gear for the terrain ahead.The most amazing feature, however, is the new “on-board valet” – it uses voice commands to send data to the navigation menu, on-screen and audio guidance. This way all the driver needs to do is to press a one-touch call button located on the steering wheel and initiate his command. For more info on Rolls Royce Wraith check

Rolls Royce Wraith Performance

It is equipped with a mighty 6.6-litre V12 engine, a unique powerplant that this company has reserved specially for this model. The twin turbo charged engine is integrated with 48 valves for maximum efficiency. Formatted for the most intense performance, the drivetrain has a displacement value of 6592cc, taking it well beyond conventional set limits. It fires a maximum torque of 800Nm, and a peak power of 624bhp. All put together, the engine’s immense capacity sends the car blasting past all ranges of the road. It climbs from 0 to 100kmph within a stunning 4.6 seconds. The engine’s formidable power is channeled through a flawless 8-speed automatic transmission.

The company has always aimed for the greatest of all facets of its build. Its high grade engineering reflects in not only its performance, but in the fact that all the features of the vehicle are solidified and taken to new heights. Its high grade speed capacity is balanced by the aid of a great fuel economy and mileage. Within urban limits, it delivers a mileage of 4.7 kmpl, which is decent considering its engine capacity and size. For beyond urban limits, the fuel consumption increases by 9.8-litres for 100 km.This is a car that has brought a revolutionary design innovation within the chambers of Rolls Royce.

It is armed with a massive 6.6-litre V12 engine, which is integrated with 48 valves. The twin turbo charged engine goes beyond usual limits set for the road, propelling this vehicle to top speeds of 250 Kmph, and letting it break the 100 Kmph mark within 4.6 seconds. This stunning performance is enabled with the might of this power plant, which has the capacity to fire a maximum power of 624bhp. The drive is further bolstered with a peak torque value of 800Nm. All of this power is funneled in effortless ease through the aid of a highly capable 8-speed automatic transmission.

Rolls Royce Wraith Driving

Interesting one this, because although Rolls-Royce has determined that this is it’s quickest and most powerful car ever, when you first get into it, it feels a bit like a Ghost – wafty, silent, easy.But once you get going, the Wraith really is different. It never really shrinks-to-fit, because it’s always just massive, but it certainly motivates itself with the kind of speed that makes continents small. The BMW-derived V12 isn’t exactly vocal, but it still whooshes in all the right places, aided by a satellite-aided 8-speed ZF auto ‘box that means it never changes up (or down) at an inopportune moment. The steering is accurate but slightly aloof, the rear-wheel drive chassis nicely balanced on air-suspension, but never going to worry a razorblade for sharpness. It might not even worry a spork. But the Wraith transcends normal considerations such as ride and handling – it’s a majestic, wondrous thing to drive, and utterly unique.

Rolls Royce Wraith Safety

The 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith comes with top-, side- and rearview cameras, stability and traction control, antilock brakes, active front head restraints, front-seat knee and side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags. In Edmunds testing, the Wraith proved it has enough braking power to stop a locomotive, stopping from 60 mph in just 109 feet.The Driver’s Assistance Systems One package includes lane departure warning, automatic high beams and a head-up display. The Driver’s Assistance Systems Three package further adds a night vision camera (with pedestrian and animal detection and color-coded warning) and adaptive cruise control (with stop-and-go capability).

Rolls Royce Wraith Cost in New Delhi

Rolls Royce Wraith On-Road Price in New Delhi ranges from 7,20,91,461 to 7,20,91,461 for variants Wraith Coupe Petrol and Wraith Coupe Petrol respectively. Rolls Royce Wraith is available in 1 variants and 1 colours. Below are details of Rolls Royce Wraith variants price in New Delhi. Check for Rolls Royce Wraith price in New Delhi at Autozhop.

Rolls Royce Wraith Conclusion

It is a machine that defines perfection and style. This machine is not only potent but is also well-built and has quality to call itself the king of the roads. Be it for highway driving or any otherr casual drive, Rolls-Royce Wraith will get you hell loads of compliments. It is a car that allures you into driving with its high-class looks and powerful engine. Rolls-Royce provides you a luxurious experience no doubt, but the power of this machine beast will also surprise you.


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