Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A Social Media Presence

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Why is social media such a powerful real estate marketing tool? Start with demographics. Real estate shoppers from every generation rely on social media, and for the large, ever-growing Millennial generation social media is simply a natural part of life.

Millennials make up the largest generation of home buyers, so agents everywhere are working to connect with the Millennial generation through social media and other tech-friendly tools.

Our team has the details on why social is so important, how to avoid being “anti-social,” and how to build a social media presence that resonates with the largest modern real estate demographic.

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Millennial shoppers love doing research online before making any major purchases, and that extends to researching the right real estate agent to help them buy a home.

However, when it comes to finding a real estate agent, Millennial shoppers also strongly value the security that comes with first-hand knowledge of that agent.

The relationship-building process is a huge factor in converting Millennial prospects, and social media—when done right—is the perfect platform for building those relationships.

A. While many agents already realize the power of social media, larger brokerages haven’t always embraced social with the same enthusiasm. That might mean no social presence at all or a simple, token social presence without an expert at the helm.

B. So being “anti-social” might mean passing on the benefits of social media altogether, but it can also mean using social platforms in a way that doesn’t help you connect with Millennials or other members of your target audience.

C. Mobile marketing is so important for reaching the modern real estate audience, and social is by far one of the most effective mobile marketing tools.

You want people to be able to connect with your business, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.For more details on Real Estate SEO Agency visit Primovox

Building a basic social presence is a great start to embracing the benefits of social media marketing, but it takes more than a shiny, new social page to truly be Millennial-Social:

A. It takes persistence! The biggest benefits of your social presence are realized over time, and finding the right voice for your business isn’t an overnight process.

B. However, expertise goes a long way. If you don’t have a social-savvy marketer on staff who can handle the daily social tasks, working with an experienced outside marketing team is a great way to become Millennial-Social.

C. That expertise will be used, in part, to engage with your real estate audience on a regular basis. That means answering questions, responding to comments, and looking for opportunities to connect with the people who visit your page.

D. If you want to give people something to talk about on your social pages, you’ll need to post more than just pretty listings. Your real estate content, from your blog, website, and other social sources, is key to keeping your audience coming back for more.

When you add up all the basics, being Millennial-Social comes down to action, engagement, and building relationships.

Invest the necessary time in social each day, post fresh content, answer questions and look for every opportunity to connect with your audience.

Given the popularity of the platform, doing social media right will help you connect with Millennials, and home buyers from every generation.

Are you searching for a team that truly understands modern real estate marketing tactics, and how they apply to your business? Contact Realty DS Media Group to learn more about social media for real estate, as well as all of our marketing services.

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